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Das Terminkommunikations-Tool innerhalb der Evangelischen Kirche Hessen und Nassau
CCalendar Booking Module:
Finally, with CCalendar you can also offer resources of your organisation for booking to users without an account:
With the new EKHN-PORTAL-CALENDAR-Booking Module.
Range of Application:
The CCalendar booking module serves a lot of use cases:
In all areas, where you want to give clients (= external guests / customers / etc., without CCalendar account) the chance to book defined resources from you.

"Resources" here can be very different and of manifold nature:
For example: With the CCalendar booking module you can use all well-known communication advantages of CCalendar and
at the same time offer resources over the internet to a wide range of clients, even when they have no CCalendar account!
Figure / Functional Principle:
Further Information:
Further Product Recommendation:

For those, who need a wider functional range concerning online reservations and online booking, we recommend:
Our online booking system TIME-FOX - the intelligent online booking system from our company!


What user means:
"... For assembly planning we previously had a blackboard, despite the high IT affinity.
For two years, I am looking for an adequate way to carry out such a plan by a computer program. The requirement was that this can be done online in real time for all users, incl. assembing teams. Your tool I have found by chance after another and long search! Therewith our requirements are fulfilled in perfection and this in simple, structured and useful way for everyone after a quite short introduction.
This tool may have been developed only by practitioners for practitioners! We are thrilled!! Thank you and greetings"
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